The furniture I make is made out of solid wood.  I use a lot of various hardwoods such as bubinga, mahogany, walnut, oak, hickory, bloodwood, zebra wood and many others.  I have hundreds of species to choose from.

I like to use a natural finish and let the true colors of the wood show through.  The floor cabinet pictured below made of walnut demonstrates the beauty of nature.  There is also an ebony strip inlaid around the base.

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The table above is made from bubinga and has a granite inlay.   A clear finish was used so that the natural color and  grain of the wood is displayed.

Quality wood frames for stained glass panel not only supplements the beauty of the glass, but it also strengthens the panel, preventing slumping and sagging. 


These frames are built around the glass panes out of solid quality hardwood.  MDF or particle board are not used in their construction.  Each frame is custom milled and when assembled they are glued and screwed together to insure a solid, firm support. 


Care should be taken to match the wood species to the colors in the panel.  The object in doing this is to make the glass panel look its best without bring attention to the frame.  Many times customers will attempt to match the wood in the frame to wood in the room where the art is to be displayed.  This is a mistake because different wood species can look good together, but colors in the glass panel are much more critical.

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